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Article written by Vines

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Fancy A Red Coffee Maker

Submitted by Vines
Wed, 31 Oct 2012

This is an article about red coffee maker, but what is so special about this coffee machine? This is not about a brand or a particular model, but a color, so why am I writing an article about the color red? Well, the materials which I used to write my articles, come from the questions and queries that I get from people looking for coffee making machine. Sure, best and gourmet are still the most popular coffee machines that coffee lovers are looking for.

What is surprising is the color red is also one of the most searched coffee brewers. This is pretty interesting, don't you think so? Rather than asking me where to get the best, or how I would evaluate certain brand of machines making coffee, people are asking me which red coffee maker I would recommend. Being curious and hoping to know the real reason behind the many requests on red coffee maker , I chat with those people asking, and then confirm the result with professional.

The feedback from these folks on the need for a red coffee maker is because after running through many color scheme in their mind, they felt that red color would be the one most suitable to blend into their kitchen decor.

I leave it at that and did not asked any more questions although, I still have plenty of it. For example, why did they not consider a under counter or build in coffee brewer? And why is red and not yellow their choice. I asked a friend who is an interior designer about this situation, and this is how he replied. When people are doing renovation for their kitchen, they would designate space for oven, dish washer, washing machine and fridge.

But, build in or under counter coffee machine is not something that they would factor in. Most consumers still think of coffee makers as something you put on your counter top, thus they would finished their kitchen renovation prior to looking for a coffee maker.

And the color red tend to be a generic color that is able to blend into most of the kitchen decoration. It looks good but not over powering, moreover, it is a color that is common enough for people to accept it. Colors like yellow for example, would be considered to be too loud for many people, while silver is too boring. Thus, a red one is a color that can strike a balance.

It is difficult to recommend coffee brewers based on color. But, if I would to do it, I would suggest one that comes with a lower price point.

This is because, if look and feel is the primary focus on the person looking for it, taste profile is not that important. So, they would not want to spent too much on similar looking machine just to have a better coffee. That being said, freshness is still essential. Based on these criteria, I would recommend the "kalorik" red thermo flask coffee maker. It has the look and feel (and most importantly the red color) that people are looking for. And its thermal feature would keep coffee hot and fresh for at least 2 hours.

And the price point for this is affordable at less than $50, a price people would not mind spending on coffee machine. There you have it, my take on why people are looking for a red coffee maker , and the model which I would recommend...


For additional information on this topic, please visit Best Coffee Maker Reviews

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