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Home » Technology » Voip » Is Your Business In Need a Of Voice over IP Phone System?

Article written by jay0cutler

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Is Your Business In Need a Of Voice over IP Phone System?

Submitted by jay0cutler
Fri, 1 Feb 2013

If your business still relies on an antiquated switchboard system, and an even more antiquated operator, maybe now is the time to look at a more efficient alternative. VoIP systems have been a part of modern business' communication systems for longer than you may think. They are a proven industrial standard option for supporting a company's voice and data network system; let's take a look at what these systems can do for your business.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for 'Voice over IP'; essentially your voice data is transported over a secured line, via your IP network, controlled by your data server. Other terms used to describe this service are; broadband phone, IP telephony and Internet telephony.

How Does it Function?

Instead of using the telephone network, this system is using the internet, and as a result it is more stable and easier for the individual company to control and manipulate.

A Cheaper Option.

As well as the technical options afforded to the user, more of that later, this option can be considerably cheaper. In essence you are paying for the rental of a broadband line, for a standard monthly rate. When you have the service installed you should relay your specifications/requirements to the service provider. You may get international calls included in this rate, if the recipient is on a VoIP system as well.

How Do You Begin?

The cost and time involved will depend on the infrastructure already in place, or not, at your company. Ideally you will already have a decent broadband set up apparent, with a sufficient width, ready to support the VoIP call volume. Also bear in mind that your computer system and communications system will need to be able to support your other business critical applications.

Hardware and Software.

If you have a dedicated I.T communications network team already working for your company, you should consult with them first. Decide how many lines and VoIP systems you require; check your current equipment and upgrade where necessary. If your company is heavily reliant on phone usage, you will need to look into the bandwidth required to support simultaneous calls.

Internet Provider.

Find out who your current Internet supplier is and consult with the technical department regarding your current price plan and bandwidth limit. In most cases there is something called a bandwidth 'cap' in place. As you might imagine, this has been set up to avoid your system using more internet space than your current price plan covers.

Extra Costs.

As well as the cost of upgrading your current Internet monthly plan, you will need to take the cost of the VoIP workstations into consideration. It is possible to use your original telephony hardware with the new system; by utilising specific adaptor interfaces. However these basic handsets will not allow for many of the useful extra functions now available on your VoIP system.

An Efficient Business is a Successful Business!

If the extra cost appears a little high, just think about the extra money and time you will be saving when transferring calls quickly, making overseas calls for free and not having to rely on the national telecom phone network system.


VoIP is the most popular phone system for small business that helps them to increase their business productivity by combining and simplifying certain communication tools. Click here to learn more about fully customized and managed business communication solutions provided by Total Communication Services Inc!

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