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Home » Technology » Voip » How Do PBX Features Form a Closed Business Call Loop

Adom Brown
Article written by Adom Brown

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How Do PBX Features Form a Closed Business Call Loop

Submitted by Adom Brown
Fri, 1 Feb 2013

The use of Hosted PBX systems came into existence when the customary telephone lines were incapable to handle the large overhead of calls flowing into your business network. The old phone systems had a number of phone lines running in a parallel manner with a series of numbers that the customers would dial in when the channel rang busy. With no provision to maintain a log of missed out calls or show a waiting call, this old phone system is now unfit for business purposes. This is where the contemporary PBX features evolve to deal with all these call management issues.

The current business phone system needs to be maintained to protect the loss of any business opportunities. These features help in maintaining a closed business loop that prevents any business lead from missing out. These features include:

Call hunt: This is one of the most widely used PBX features that extend business mobility by allowing the calls to be directed to a prioritized list of extensions. This ensures that if a call is missed out at one place, there is a chance that it will be received at a different extension. Even if one extension is busy, it can skip to some other extension.

Simultaneous Ringing: Hosted PBX offers this feature to give the final try to the employees to receive the call. When a call set in a hunt group rings at each extension but is not received at any of them, then this feature directs the call to all the extensions simultaneously so that if any extension operator is available, he can receive the call.

Call Waiting: Waiting call is one of the biggest problems faced while handling a large number of calls when all extensions are busy. This makes the users wait in a call queue that directs the call to the concerned department as soon as any extension is free. However, if a user drops out a waiting call, the records are maintained.

Music on Hold: This is one of the most useful PBX Features as it makes the clients form an impression that their request is in process. So, they tend to hold on for a longer duration of time. This has been proved through a research that the average waiting time for calls has been extended by at least 30%.

Call Return: There is a log of waiting calls that is maintained in a log file in the interface provided by Hosted PBX providers. When the employees at the extensions are free, they return the calls to the customers who couldn't connect to them earlier. In case the user does not respond to this call, this feature calls him back repeatedly unless he receives the call or it has been half an hour, whichever is less.

Voicemail: When the user plans to drop out a waiting call, he has an option to leave a voicemail regarding his query or a certain business scenario. There are many PBX features that may direct the messages to voicemail. This leads to security of business opportunities as they can be contacted later. These voicemails are available in the inbox where all other messages are stored and thus, response can be initiated as soon as the user goes through the recorded voicemail.

These Hosted PBX VOIP features are equipped with the business phone channel of almost all the small and medium scale business enterprises. These features offer some of the best advantages to the SMBs. These benefits include cost-effectiveness, mobility in business operations, flexibility in requirements, projection of a large corporate image and reliability in data transmission.


VOIP Expert at The Real PBX ‘Adom Brown' is a specialist in Small Business PBX systems. The Real PBX is a leading Hosted PBX provider which provides business class voice quality, real time customer assistance, scalable office business phone system etc. Their enterprise class services include top notch PBX Features like internet fax, Toll Free Number.

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