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Article written by maxcrompton

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Basic MMA Training Equipment For Beginners & Pros

Submitted by maxcrompton
Fri, 16 Aug 2013

Training yourself in mixed martial arts requires the use of certain equipment. Whether you're training at a facility or have your own personal trainer, this set of tools is designed to increase strength and agility while protecting against severe injuries.

Standard safety gear like helmets, gloves, shin guards, wraps and mouth guards are meant to be worn while training equipment are meant to endure abuse. Together, they set the environment for rounds of rigorous training required in mixed martial arts. Take a look.


Heavy bags are only one type of bag used in training. There are many others, some of which you'll also require.

• Hanging bags: Mounted on a wall or suspended from the ceiling, they're suited to punching workouts. Avoid using them for practicing kicks and only work on strength and speed punching.

• Standing bags: Mounted atop a stand, they're meant for kicking workouts. Most stands have wheels allowing them to be moved to any location. This is advantageous if you don't have a dedicated practice room and need to shift every other day.

• Speed bags: Speed bags improve hand-eye coordination by snapping quickly when hit. They're a part of every MMA training facility so if you plan to practice at home, purchase one of them. Make sure you have a place to mount them so they don't shift out of place.

• Uppercut bags: Like miniature heavy bags, uppercut bags provide a practice place for working on uppercut punches. Like speed bags, they need a secure space for mounting to prevent accidental movement.

Striking pads

Fine-tuning punches and kicks can be done with the help of striking pads. They absorb force and protect the hands of the trainer or yours if practicing blocking punches and kicks. Thicker pads with at least one and a quarter inches of padding are necessary to prevent injury. High quality gear costs over $100 but they can endure high speed impacts.

Muay Thai pads may also be used in MMA training. They're shaped differently with a tall suitcase style whose surface area is large enough to block kicks.


Ground fighting and grappling practice means you need protection against the asphalt's abrasive surface. Mats provide it. They're strong, padded to eliminate abrasions and large enough to hold two players. Expect to pay over $200 and above for a quality mat which is durable.

Safety gear for you

In addition to having a gym equipped with the necessary training tools, your body needs protection. Gear such as hand wraps, ankle supports, rash guards, shin guards, headgear and gloves are a few basic protective items to purchase.

MMA gear is different from boxing gear and it's recommended that you wear only those designed for MMA. For instance, boxing gloves are heavier and allow hands to be clenched during fights. MMA gloves, on the other hand, are lighter and fit the contours of the hand better.

Some players opt out of using headgear due to a feeling of encumbrance but beginners should always wear it because they aren't adept at blocking strikes. The use of a chin protector to absorb even more blows is preferred by some but others say it causes the headgear to shift. The choice is up to you as long as you arm yourself with all necessary safety gear.


MMA is a fun, rewarding sport for pros, amateurs and experienced fighters. It is very essential to train with the proper MMA training equipment like mouth guards, MMA gloves, and hand wraps to avoid injury. Click here for additional details!

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