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Home » Society » Ladies - Go from Friends with Benefits to Commitment

Article written by ceomaxie

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Ladies - Go from Friends with Benefits to Commitment

Submitted by ceomaxie
Sat, 16 Mar 2013

Men will never commit to a woman unless he feels like he has to in order to prevent from losing her.

Ladies, it will take some time to manipulate your friend's mentality to boyfriend status if he is not ready to go steady. However, there is some good news for you: there are some methods to speed up this transition.

Stop the booty calls

The key part that defines the "friends with benefits" stage is the frequent phone calls you receive for sex. Stop responding to those calls. Start explaining what you are looking for. Here are some examples of what to say

· "I'm ready for a serious relationship. If it's not with you, then I need to focus on someone else"

· "I'm concern that you're going to get hurt if we continue having meaningless sex. It appears that you're developing feelings for me"

Stop the sex and tease the living hell out of him. Make him fantasize, as he itches for more. Become unpredictable and you will gain his attention more.

Men are driven by competition

Make him think that you have more guy friends that you are currently talking to. Make him feel that if he doesn't step up, one of your other friends will. Make him think that you're sharing this same conversation with other men. Men take competition seriously. They like to accomplish things and beat other guys for the prize.

If you are not dating other men, then keep pretending that you are. In the meanwhile, go ahead and find other men to date. It will make things easier. As you hang out with other male friends, be completely up front and honest about everything. Never tell other men that you are looking for a fling or friends with benefits with them or else you will get stuck in that agreement.

Make him jealous. Give him hints that you have other stuff going on in your life. And hint to him that the other stuff involves other male friends. Don't give him details about your business either. It is important that you let his imagination run wild. Remember, his insecurity is what will make him commit to you. Make him want to take you off the market. Until he "claims" you as his own, you're not his.

Flip flop him

If you want to stay on a man's mind, then you need to mix the signals you are sending him. Example, give him a lot of your attention and stoke his ego with complements. Then, shift your priority with him and treat him like one of your gay friends. I'll explain. First, complement his looks. If you don't, he might give up fighting for your attention. Sometimes men forfeit the fight for you if they don't think they can win. Here are some examples:

· "You look pretty hot in that shirt"

· "I can't keep my eyes off your biceps, have you been working out?

· "You have amazing hands"

Here comes the "flip". Another day you see him, treat him like a gay friend and ask for advice about other men. Example:

· "It's nice to have a guy like you as a friend who I can talk to"

· "You're a guy. I need some advice about men"

The basic idea is, keep him close to you. But don't give him the idea that you are chasing him. He needs to know you have your options. He also needs to know that you are interested in him. Do not give men the power of thinking they are the main person you want. Remember, the main point of this "Flip Flop" technique is to bring back men when you start to lose their attention.

Get it? One minute he's your "gay" friend, the next minute you flirt and seduce him. Use this technique and he will beg to switch from friends with benefits to boyfriend in no time.

Are you losing patience? Too bad. You don't control how fast he's ready to get serious with you. However… (let's get evil)… you could say something like, "I can never figure out why you don't have a great girlfriend".

What if he has other female friends too?

Then you have competition too. Here's how to win. Play it cool, and don't show jealousy. He already knows that women get jealous, so don't play him stupid. However, if he sees that you're calm about the competition with his female friends, then he will respect your dignity. Basically, he will think "I want a woman that will not go crazy". Put this into your permanent memory: Quality men test women, to see how stable she is before he commit to her.

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Henry Maxie is the founder of Journal Crew

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