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Home » Society » Generally Requested Flagpole Questions

Article written by EllaHays

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Generally Requested Flagpole Questions

Submitted by EllaHays
Thu, 14 Feb 2013

When many people think about a flagpole they may think about those outdoors schools and publish offices. The majority of flagpoles stand approximately 25 ft tall. Depending on the size of your flag, what size your building is, and just how far the flagpole comes from the street, flagpoles may vary from 10 to 40 ft tall.

Why did my flagpole turn out to be taller than it stated it might be in the invoice?

A large amount of the flagpole is made to be enveloped inside a concrete foundation and hidden in the earth. The official height of the pole is measured after it has been installed.

What amount of the flagpole is in the ground?

It's typical to bury in regards to a tenth of the size of the pole within the foundation. This will give a secure mooring in many environments and terrain.

How large of the flag is suitable for a flagpole?

A great guideline would be that the hem size ought to be one fourth the size of the pole. This can lead to a nice appearance along with a sturdy flagpole. Bigger flags could be flown from more compact rods, but this can lead to deterioration around the mechanism and also the structure.

So why do the various components of the flagpole have such specific names?

The current names for the majority of the areas of a flagpole, like the cleat, the18 wheeler, and also the halyard, are modified from maritime terminology.

Can One get my flagpole in custom colors?

A pole could be powder colored in almost any color the client may choose, but that's only some of the option. Most flagpoles are constructed of aluminum due to its sturdiness, lightness, and strength. The aluminum surface could be finished in several ways. It may be blown and burnished for any beautiful metallic finish. It may be anodized, that is an electric procedure that thickens the surface from the aluminum and causes it to be very resistant against corrosion. It can also be sealed with a variety of polymer sealants. Which means that a flagpole customer can decide the color, the glossiness, and also the reflectiveness from the flagpole?

Will lightning strike flagpoles?

Whenever a thunderstorm goes by, lightning is drawn to the highest performing object around. Generally this can be a flagpole or utility tower. flagpoles have grounding wires that protrude in the foundation made to dissipate the huge control of electricity from the lightning strike without harm.

What are the laws and regulations that govern how a United States flag ought to be shown on a flagpole?

You will find no laws and regulations regulating American flags, but you will find many traditions. Make certain to mirror your area standards inside your presentation from the American flag.


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