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Article written by jamisonberlin

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Ways of Managing Your Business

Submitted by jamisonberlin
Sat, 17 Aug 2013

Are you a business owner? If the answer is yes then pat yourself on the back, you have escaped the Matrix. Employment is the new age term for slavery and unlike black slavery it won't come to an end. Having your own business makes you a slave owner, not a slave. This means you can sit comfortably and watch the Mandingos fight for the next promotion. Although having your own business is fun there are a lot of responsibilities that go along with it. As Shakespeare put it, "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown". Here are a few pointers to ensure you don't end up running your business into the ground.

For the Love of Money

Besides being the theme song for 'The Apprentice', it is also the reason to be working at all. The easiest way to tell if you're doing a good job is when your profits put a smile on your face. One way to keep the profits up is to keep the costs down. Have a streamlined approach when it comes to your business. 'Out with the old and in with the new' should be your motto, since newer technologies are cost-effective and efficient. The latest and greatest in interoffice communication technology is VoIP. VoIP is used for making free phone calls over the internet. VoIP also provides instant messaging and video conferencing.

The Customer Is Always Right

One of the major reasons companies lose customers is because of that sour fruit working in customer care. You should treat your customers the way you treat your relatives, just pretend to like them. Remember, a disgruntled customer will run straight to the competition because hell hath no fury like a client scorned. The easiest thing to do is install an automated voice operation system to make that egghead customer care executive obsolete and save money on his salary.

Carry the Bigger Stick

The first and second rule of business is to sell the better product. It doesn't matter how well you advertise and market salt, it cannot be substituted for sugar. There are only a number of adjectives you can use to describe your product before the client realizes you're selling crap. Invest in market surveys to know your client's needs and expectations. Upgrade your product periodically to keep it according to market standards. If you're selling a superior product you don't need to spend as much on advertising it. They don't advertise cocaine but it's still a hit amongst the addicts.

These three golden rules can help you manage your business, so, you only have to worry about being a mean boss. It's smooth sailing up ahead once you overcome the "responsibility" bit of running a business. Being a business owner is sort of like being a King, your office chair is your throne, your employees are your subjects and your competitors are like rival nations. The only difference is that you still have to pay taxes to the real King i.e. the government. It still has its perks though and it beats working in a cubicle for the rest of your life.


An effective way of managing your business is by improving the interoffice communication. This can be achieved by installing a VoIP system from an affordable VoIP provider in Vaughan. Click here to read more about VoIP phone systems.

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