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Article written by Andrewkhit

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Know More About Men's Collar Stays

Submitted by Andrewkhit
Sat, 17 Aug 2013

With the advent of modernization, men have started to dress up smart. The best dressed men in the world have something in common. That is an eye towards the detail. Before jumping on to men's collar stays, a little basic information about collars is what we require.
What is a collar?
A collar refers to a piece of clothing that fastens around the neck. It is made out from a separate piece of fabric other than the one which is being used to make the shirt. Collars may be detachable or non detachable.
What are men's collar stays?
Over the use of shirts, the collars tend to become curly and tender. Collars maybe stiffened by traditional methods using starch. The modern techniques use men's collar stays. These clothing accessories are smooth and rigid strips made of metal or plastic that are rounded on one end and pointed at the other and are inserted into special pockets underside of the shirt collars to stabilize the collar's points.
The collar lies flat against the collarbone, looking crisp and correctly positioned. Plastic stays may eventually have to be replaced if they bend. However, metals do not possess this problem.
Polo shirt collar stays:
A polo shirt refers to a shirt that is T - shaped and collared. They are very much trend setters in fashion of recent.
The polo shirt collar stays are a great invention. They let the collars of the shirt remain flat instead of letting it curl up that is the most common thing to happen to polo shirts of any design or brand.
Collar stays should ideally be removed from shirts before being sent for dry cleaning or pressing purposes for multiple and prolonged uses. It should always be put back by the company of dry cleaning. Shirts, which are press ironed with the collar stays in place, are very much susceptible to getting damaged over those which are devoid of collar stays while being pressed. Pressing with the shirt collar stays intact results in an impression of the collar stay within the fabric of the collar. Shirts are provided with sewn in collar stays. Some shirts may also be provided with collar stays that are sewn into the collar and are not removable.
The main purpose of a collar stay is to keep the shirt in the right position by adding some weight and a bit of crisp in the fabric that is otherwise light and flexible.
The two most popular types of men's collar stays are as follows:
○ Plastic collar stays - Plastic is the commonest material to be used. It is inexpensive and plentiful and mostly used by manufacturers. However, it is extremely light and somewhat flimsy.
○ Collar stays of Stainless steel - Stainless steel is the most popular material to be used for manufacturing of collar stays. It is heavy and stiff and allows the collar to lie correctly.
It is said that a man's collar frames his face. Collar stays just help in adding to the details that makes one look smart and appealing.


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