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Home » Science » The Multiple Uses of Stainless Steel Tanks

Article written by cliffside

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The Multiple Uses of Stainless Steel Tanks

Submitted by cliffside
Wed, 4 Jun 2014

Stainless steel tanks are a staple to many different companies around the country. These tanks are used in several various industries because they are heavy duty and reliable. While each one has their own uses for the product, the tanks holds up well to every single one.

Energy and Power

Stainless steel is a great product for helping in power generation because it supports the technologies for creating solar, geothermal, hydro, and wind power. There are several different uses for tanks like holding water to power the processes in these systems. In a hydro-power set up, tanks made of stainless steel are the best material for harnessing the power and helping to create it into a useable resource. Water is also more easily heated in the steel tanks.

Water and Wastewater

Cities have to hold a lot of water for the residents to use. Not every municipality has the space or resources to have their own reservoir, and many cities actually have big tanks that they hold for both their water and their wastewater. These tanks can hold up to 5 million gallons and protect it so officials don't have to worry about people polluting it or that it will lose water to evaporation. Wastewater processes benefit from having large stainless steel tanks because it has a place to contain it without it stinking up the area until it can go through the cleaning process.

The reason that stainless steel is so beneficial for these water tanks is because it is resistant to rust and leaks. It is also a very strong material which means it is also protected on the outside from the elements like strong winds and rain.

Dry Bulk

Farmers need a strong, hardy tank that they know will be able to hold their produce and grains while they wait to be sold. Grains like wheat, rice, and other grains are susceptible to bugs and having them in a protected area, like a tank, will keep them more clean and ready for production. Other substances that need storing on a farm are wastes from animals and plants. Animal waste is harmful to humans because of all the bacteria that can cause severe symptoms. The run off from these is also dangerous to the water sources because the soil can inhibit growth of aquatic plants, clog fish gills, and smother animal larvae.There are all kinds of pollutants that can cause harm from plant waste and the chemicals to the environment from the residue of pesticides.

Construction companies also benefit from using strong, steel tanks for storing substances like dirt, sand, and small rocks. This way, they can keep everything organized and separated, but still readily accessible for when it is needed for a job. There are all kinds of reasons for keeping these products separate, including the sale of these products to contractors and home owners. These and other minerals are best stored in tanks that have a hopper system for easy discharge of the contents for whatever reason they are needed.

Oil and Gas

Another kind of liquid that is commonly stored in these tanks is oil and gas. The oil industry uses these during the different stages of production turning oil into gas as well as just when oil is waiting to be used for other things, like plastic. Either way, the stainless steel tanks are great for holding these materials because it is strong against corrosion and leaking. The welding on the seams is strong and is the best material for protecting the environment against the damage it could do.

Fire Protection

Another reason that cities keep a big water supply around, rather than just for drinking water, is to keep an emergency supply for fighting fires. Some older cities and even smaller towns that do not have a hydrant system or quick access to a water supply, there are stainless steel tanks for hooking up hoses. Other towns will use a large tank to supply their water for their underground systems. This way, they can have an independent source when there is an emergency.

Stainless steel tanks are great for all of these materials and more. If you need to have a storage solution that is strong, resistant to corrosion and stands strong in the elements, you should look into having a stainless steel storage tank.


Jared Burns is a consultant for premiere event.

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