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Article written by dasiytrix

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Ghost Writings

Submitted by dasiytrix
Thu, 4 Jul 2013

The internet has unleashed creativity in all manner of people, who without the internet would have never given thought to putting pen to paper. How is this so?
The internet net is an international market place, rather than a local market place. Thus goods and services transcend boundaries, and what might cost US $ 5 in countries where the greenback reigns supreme, might cost only about $ 1 or max $ 2 to get it done elsewhere in the world, while maintaining the quality and the required quantity.
Ghost writing is basically used by those who are worldly wise, full of experience, full of knowledge, and wisdom, and wish to communicate their thoughts to the rest of the world. Their only lack is time, and that causes them to make mistakes in their writing which is hurried, and full of grammatical mistakes, misplaced or absent punctuation, and other 'typos' (typographical errors), spellings, and so on. If they were to turn it over to a professional writer, their draft manuscript, then that person would rewrite as much as is necessary, or even more if necessary, retaining the essential flavor of the article/note/book, by stepping into the shoes of the original script writer. This gentleman who rewrites or proofs the original write is ghost writer. Once he completes the book or the article, and after being paid for it, the text rewritten reverts to the original script writer, and the copyright also stands in the name of the originator of that text.
The ghost writer is really the person who wrote that note in readable form. It may be a total outsider who may or may not know the subject. If he knows, the ghost writer has an easy task. If not some research is required. The most essential skills of the ghost writer is a good vocabulary, sound knowledge of grammar, spellings, articulation, that is sentence structure, creating paragraphs where necessary, and of course a command of the language in which the ghost writer is writing.
Some are born ghost writers. They have that ambition and skill to write, but may be short of funds to maintain a lifestyle while they try to write under their own penmanship, or, they are struggling to get a publisher interested in their writes, and have received only pink slips. So this ghost writing provides them a sustenance by writing for others who have the knowledge, the experience and well, frankly, the original thought or have delved deeply into a chosen subject, but are unable to articulate it well themselves.
Ghost writers on the internet are dime a dozen. The person who is trying to find a ghost writer has a veritable world playing field. Since the only skill required is sound language, grammar, understanding, and writing skills in a particular language - generally it is American or UK English - the number of interested people in a project which may pay as low as $ 1 per 100 or even 250 words is mind boggling.
In choosing ghost writers, the original writer has a difficult choice. He still has to be satisfied with the competency of the person he has entrusted that job; secondly, like a first time parent, he would want to have a look at the new born, piece by piece, as it is completed, and will be impatient.
The very pluses for the originator, is the negative for the ghost writers. Writing is an art, and rewriting is even more an art, since it requires reading, understanding, and then trying to write as close as possible to the originators' style and use of words, sentence structure, verbs and the habitual use of certain words or key phrases. Since there are a large number of ghost writers, the competition is fierce. But the determined guy, who wants his own name on the flyleaf or on the cover, would probably sell his soul, to test his skill in ghost writing. If he is successful, he can add that to his portfolio and the publisher who may be a little querulous would show some more interest.. And who knows, the ghost writer may turn out to be another Jeffrey Archer...


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