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Tom Genot is a blogger that has been following the financial crisis in America for several years now. Recently Tom’s been blogging about fiscal and monetary problems within the US and abroad. These problems are ultimately forming the build-up towards an economic crisis so large that it could possibly top the 1923 hyperinflationary event in Weimar Germany.

This catastrophic event could hit America within a few years. It seems at this point the United States is past the point of no return with all the blame on the US Government and Federal Reserve because of their constant in-decisions to truly fix the monetary system once and for all. Unfortunately the crisis is not limited to the United States in scope, it’s going global. We can thank this to all the major western and now eastern central banks joining in on massive money printing programs.

Come visit us at and learn how you can protect yourself and your family’s assets with the greatest wealth transfer in modern history. Learn how to position yourself correctly to preserve and protect your assets while staying monetarily ahead in this current economic environment. Also learn tips on how you and your family can physically stay alive through one of the worst potential economic events in modern history. Be – Prepared!

Tom Genot –

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