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As the recognised expert and author of the snack box diet and creator of the snack box diet system for fitness and fat loss Mark Moxom (BEng MEng) has put his 30 years of being on the cutting-edge of natural health and wellness into helping failed dieters revise their approach and find out what works for them and succeed once and for all in getting the body they desire.

Using himself as chief guinea pig Mark has tried many many ways to get the body he wants and over the years has successfully developed many easy to follow strategies for losing unwanted pounds and gaining longed for fitness.

As an engineer, Mark's methods have to pass his two main criteria

Does it work?

Is it safe?

Mark is a perpetual student of human behaviour, fitness psychology and emotive thinking and has devoted many thousands of hours over the last 30 years to gain a practical understanding about how to train the body, mind and emotions to work in harmony.

Mark's passion for empowering others is contagious as he helps failed dieters break through the blockage of past disasters and leverage their innate hopes and desires for the greatest impact on their health and well-being. He enables those that follow his methods to obtain fat loss and fitness levels they had once thought were out of their grasp

Mark's message is one of hope and purpose as he strives to give audiences a deeper understanding of their own power to make a difference with focus and ease. His ultimate aim is to help people harness their passions to empower and shape their future.

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