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Home » Legal » Which Type of Visa Do you Need for Immigrating to Canada?

Jeff Bill
Article written by Jeff Bill

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Which Type of Visa Do you Need for Immigrating to Canada?

Submitted by Jeff Bill
Tue, 25 Feb 2014

"Canada and India share close people-to-people ties, which are demonstrated by the large numbers of Indians coming to Canada to work, study and visit."

- Tim Uppal, Minister of State (Multiculturalism), Canada.
Immigration plays a key role in shaping any country's economy, society, and family reunification. Canada is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants. Students, job seekers, business travelers and visitors. 2012 witnessed 217,800 visa applications as compared to the 255,100 for 2011 year.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada
In 1994, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) department was formed to offer citizenship and immigration services in Canada. CIC operates a large network covering embassies, high commissions and consulates abroad. CIC is committed to help out newcomers with language instruction, information on life in Canada and reaching out to Canadians in developing lasting relationships. The CIC department issues visas to the immigrants and acts as a bridge between the world and Canada.

Significance of the Visa
A visa is a legal document issued by the country where you want to visit. This document gives you access for a limited time period with specified conditions to visit a country. The immigration process checks for various eligible requirements such as age, education, language ability, medical fitness and financial stability. This document is pasted on the passport leaf. Failing to produce this document can end up with severe legal action.

Types of Visa
CIC issues various types of visas depending upon the nature of the visit.

  • Temporary resident visa

    If you are a citizen of a visa required country such as India, Nepal or Bhutan, then you should apply for a temporary resident visa. It is also known as a visitor's visa. There are two types of temporary resident visas:

    • 1. Single-entry visa: It allows you to visit Canada only once. A person holding a valid USA visa can visit more than once during the validity time period of the visa. Generally a single-entry visa is valid for six months.
    • 2. Multiple-entry visa: It allows entering and leaving Canada repeatedly from any country while it's valid. The validity lasts for 10 years, or one month before the passport expires; whichever is earliest.

  • Transit visa
    This type of visa permits a 48 hour stay in Canada. It is generally issued to travelers to help en route to another country. There is no fee for a transit visa. The applicant must show the onward ticket and visa to the visa officer when demanded.

  • Super visa

The parents and grandparents of permanent residents or Canadian citizens can come through super visas and stay in Canada for up to two years. Certain additional conditions need to be fulfilled to meet the eligibility criteria of this type of visa.

Visa validity is always less than the passport validity. Visa issuance and the validity time period are the sole decisions of the visa officer. Based on various factors the visa officer can even refuse the application. There is no refund of fees in such cases as the fees submitted is for processing not for the outcome of the application.

Various immigration firms with extensive experience and high success rate offer citizenship and immigration services for Canada. They make the entire process smooth by guiding you as per the law. This makes your landing, settlement, work or family reunion more pleasurable. You can come across such service providers through the Internet easily.


Jeff Bill is having good experience in legal matter and also associated with law firm in Canada . He is an attorney in Calgary focusing on Immigration, Criminal Defense, Business and individuals matter.

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