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Home » Internet » Basics of the information technology: Beginners users' guide

Article written by heena123

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Basics of the information technology: Beginners users' guide

Submitted by heena123
Thu, 11 Jul 2013

This is a world of information technology , information and technology both combined in this world. We can think about the power of the information technology. IT sector covered very large area of the whole world .Every country is recognized with their economic condition because it decides that whether a country is developed or developing.
What is information technology?
In today's up-and-down job market and shaky financial system, there are few career fields that are as consistent as the field of Information Technology field. As a branch of manufacturing, Information knowledge, specializes specifically in using computer technology and telecommunications technology to broadcast, translate and store various types of information- although there is a ton of other types of jobs that do fall under the Information Technology umbrella.
Essentially information technology is all about using information as a commodity or sources, this type of sources used to increase the development of associated subject, just like any other work. The information that is being interpreted, scattered, stored, transmitted, etc. are usually in the forms of acoustic, video, textual and numerical information and is processed through the use of microelectronics and computers.
The area of Information Technology is usually used to describe a whole series of works, but in actuality, there are tons of jobs that are called Information Technology works, but are actually part of a subcategory like Management Information Services and Information Services.
Once upon a moment, the Information Technology center of a business would have been composed of just one guy sitting at a computer all daylight hours. But now, as computer technology has higher, and information has become more precious, the Information Technology center grew with this technology. Now, a company will either have a gigantic IT organization, or they may need so many specialists that they actually contract out the Info-tech needs of an entirely separate group. Now, in order to successfully run an Information Technology organization, a company would need at least a database management organization, a cryptographer, some system administrators, some database managers, at least one information manager and a Chief Information Office.
Top skills in which a person can make his carrier to grow with IT sector
1. Unix Operating System knowledge
2. Linux Operating System knowledge
3. Java Language Programming experience
4. C++ Language Programming experience
5. Pearl Language Programming experience
6. MySQL Database Management expertise
7. Microsoft C# Language Programming experience
8. XML- Extensible Markup Language skills
9. HTML skills (advanced)
10. Project Management abilities
It depends on what type of work a person is looking for according to that person should have knowledge of the following subjects.
CISSP certification (Information Security)
● ISSAP certificate (Information Security)
● ISSEP certificate (Information Security)
● Oracle Database admin certification
● Microsoft Information professional certificates
● Cisco Information professional certificates
● Doctoral or specialized degree in Computer and Information Research Science (for high-level jobs)
● Bachelor's Degree in Computer Programming (for mid-level jobs)
● Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems (for mid-level jobs)
● Associate's Degree (for low-level jobs)


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