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Home » Health » Fitness » Hyperbaric chamber therapy for the treatment of bends

Article written by jameswett46

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Hyperbaric chamber therapy for the treatment of bends

Submitted by jameswett46
Thu, 4 Jul 2013

Hyperbaric chamber is a hard shelled pressure vessel usually made of steel and aluminum with windows made of acrylic. The chamber may also consist of one or more human entry hatches, an airlock allowing human entry, a separate chamber with two hatches, one to the outside world and one to the main chamber, which can be independently pressurized to allow patients to enter or exit the main chamber while it is still pressurized, an airlock allowing medicines, instruments and food to enter the main chamber, closed circuit TV allowing the technicians and medical staff outside the chamber to monitor the inside of the chamber, an intercom allowing two-way communications inside and outside the chamber, a carbon dioxide scrubber-consisting of a fan that passes the gas inside the chamber through a soda lime canister, a control panel outside the chamber is used to open and close valves allowing air to enter or leave the chamber and oxygen to be supplied to masks. Hyperbaric chamber therapy can easily be conducted in these chambers.

Fundamentally the in Hyperbaric chamber therapy oxygen floods the body which in turn promotes the healing process of tissue and cells, Oxygen is one of the most versatile and powerful agents available now. The therapeutic use of oxygen under pressure has been used to assist wound healing for almost 40 years; and this procedure has specific biological actions which can enhance wound healing processes.

Decompression sickness would be another cause that might require HBOT. A diver that ascends too quickly from a dive or does not carry out decompression stops after a long or deep dive, a non-pressurized aircraft that rapidly flies upwards. These situations cause excess inert gases which have dissolved in body liquids and tissues, while the gas was being inhaled at higher pressure, to come out of physical solution as the pressure reduces and form gas bubbles within the body. The main inert gas for those who breathe air is nitrogen. The bubbles result in the symptoms of decompression sickness. Inert gases are normally stored throughout the body, such as within tissues and liquids, in physical solution. When the body is exposed to decreased pressures, the excess inert gas comes out of solution in a process called "out gassing" or "off gassing"; normally most off gassing occurs by gas exchange at the lungs during exhalation. If inert gas is forced to come out of solution too quickly, bubbles form inside the body and are unable to leave through the lungs causing the signs and symptoms of the "bends".

So, if you want to get cured of decompression sickness or "bend", go for hyperbaric chamber therapy for the most efficient treatment of "bends".


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