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Home » Entertainment » Top Events That Premiered in 2013

Article written by cliffside

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Top Events That Premiered in 2013

Submitted by cliffside
Wed, 21 May 2014

Year after year, there are a lot of premiers around the country. Many are anticipated by different crowds, depending on their interests. here are some of the most anticipated events in 2013, grouped together in their individual areas.

Music Festivals

There are many different festivals that occur around the country for music. The most talked about and attended music festival is the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Another popular one is Lollapalooza. Coachella has had so much demand that the producer, Goldenvoice, expanded the premiere event to last for two weekends in 2013. The event is held at the Empire Polo Fields and last year attracted 90,000 revelers per day. With that amount of people, it is no wonder it is becoming a staple in the music industry.

Lollapalooza started out as a traveling festival in 1991, but since 2005 it calls Chicago's Grant Park its home. The types of music that come and perform at this event are alternative, indie, and hip-hop. Some 300,000 fans attend this three-day event to see some of the biggest names in these genres, setting an all-time record in 2013.

Entertainment Industry

The two biggest event premieres in the entertainment industry are Comic Con and the Sundance Film Festival. Celebrities are drawn to both events in large crowds, drawing large amounts of press coverage.

Comic Con appears in many different big cities and people love to attend all dressed up as their favorite comic book, television, or movie characters. One of the biggest Comic Con events is the International event held in San Diego. It seems to grow every single year, but in 2013 there were over 130,000 fans, professionals, and exhibitors who showed up to see the Hollywood stars that appeared here.

The Sundance Film Festival, held in Utah every year, is the biggest film festival in the country. Producers who can get their independent films into this festival are assured an audience and a certain level of prestige. Many stars have made their own personal acting premiers at this festival as well as come back to give their career a boost. These films often challenge an actor who is looking for a challenge or just a change of scenery from the typical Hollywood movie scene.

Sporting Events

No bigger sporting event premiers each year in the United States than the Super Bowl. Plenty of people tune in to watch this big game, but just as many come to watch the commercials that premiere. In fact, many people joke about waiting to take bathroom and food breaks from the couch when the game is actually on so they do not have to miss any of the commercials. The amount paid to have a commercial slot is ridiculously high, so advertisers appreciate this level of devotion from mild to hardcore sports fans.

Television and Movies

Some of the biggest premieres that people look forward to are those that appear on the screens in their homes and in the theaters. Some of the biggest ones in 2013 were the television shows that have been highly anticipated like House of Cards, Game of Thrones, and Man Men. The three most successful movies were Gravity, 12 Years a Slave, and Frozen.

There are a lot of premieres that catch people's attention, but those that really stick around are the ones that make good on the excitement. Nothing spreads faster than rave reviews, which is why a lot of these festival premieres are so successful year after year.


Cliff Anderson is a self employed agent. You can find him at any premiere event across the country.

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