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Home » Entertainment » Photography » Several Kinds of Mini Handheld Stabilizers Introduced for You

Article written by vekky

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Several Kinds of Mini Handheld Stabilizers Introduced for You

Submitted by vekky
Fri, 16 Aug 2013

Professional stabilizer typically include shock absorption, balance, and carry components of three main parts. The use of damping spring arm of the user and the camera cut off, so that movement generated shock absorption through the spring arm to reduce camera shake up and down. Balancing components can effectively reduce camera shaking around. Burdened working group is the stabilizer

A general purpose stabilizer, concerned about cost and portable, size and function are simplified. Keep only the damping component and balancing component, into handheld stabilizer. Shock
absorption and pivot function by a suspension spring and arm to bear. This type of stabilizer, the structure is simple: the camera head, gimbal handle, cantilever, plus several counter weight. So carry and operation are easy.

1. Aluminum Alloy Mini Handheld Stabilizer for DSLR Video Camera

This Mini Handheld Stabilizer, light to
hold, easy to operate, professional design of powerful capacity and high flexibility allows all-round stable shooting.

• The small and exquisite stabilizer weights only 2.1 KG, which is made of high-strength aluminum

• 2 section design, the length of the stabilizer can extend quickly for shooting at a higher angle

• With high-precision imported bearings low-friction joint

• Soft rubber on the hand grip, make you feel comfortable when handle it

• Quick release plate with mark can record the dynamic balance for different equipments

• Quick release plate which can adjust front and back ,left and right

• It can realize more stable all-round shooting such as high angle shot, low angle shot, etc…

• Beside, stretch adjustment improves weight ratio (4*100 g, 2*200 g), and reduces the clump weight greatly

• Fits for all kinds of professional camcorder, SLR camera and DVs

• It also can be used with Vest and arm, not included


Material: aluminum alloy

Minimum length: 38cm

Maximum length: 60cm

Capacity range: 1-3Kg

Total Weight: 2.1kg

2. F&V Mini Handheld Stabilizer for DSLR Camcorder DV Camera


- This Mini Handheld Stabilizer is a new shooting device to
prevent shaking.

- With professional deisgn of high flexibility, it realizes all-round stable shootings.

- Suitable for outing, family party and flyever video shooting etc.

Material: Iron

Min. Length 40mm

Max. Length 60mm

Load Capacity: 0.5-2Kg

Weight: 1000g

3. Mini Handheld Stabilizer for DV Compact Camera Cell Phone

This mini handheld stabilizeris made of aluminum alloy,
excellent structure, also can be used as a small tripod, two section design, Min. Length 280mm, Max. Length 480mm. Release plate can adjust front and back ,left and right. Soft rubber on the hand
grip, make you feel comfortable when handle it. Fits for compact cameras and DVs. Moreover it can be used with iPhone and other cell phone, but you need to buy Cell Phone Holder additionally.
Bottom three leg can be detachable or foldable for convenient to carry.


Material: Aluminum alloy

Min. Length 280mm

Max. Length 480mm

Load Capacity: 200g-3000g

Weight: 1220g

Do you like make a micro movie, recording video for your family, kids, pets etc…? Do you find the recorded video image always judder and sound noisy, even you try to keep balance, but the hands still shock? How can I solve this problem and get a clear and stable image like the Hollywood Movie? Do I need to do exercise for my hands to keep them balance and don't shock? No, It is not necessary, even you do exercise with your hands everyday, that only make it better, but can't fully solve the problem. All is that- You need a assistant – Handheld camera stabilizer to keep the video image stable and clear. Don't hesitate. Take action now to choose your best camera handheld stabilizer on


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