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Home » Entertainment » Paths to Becoming a Premiere Event Planner

Article written by cliffside

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Paths to Becoming a Premiere Event Planner

Submitted by cliffside
Wed, 28 May 2014

Not every career has a road that is set for every person to take. There are several different paths that are available to those who are looking to become an event planner. This fun and exciting career is one that literally feels like a party every day, but there is more to getting there than just setting up shop and becoming wildly successful. Each person takes their own route to get where they are in the business, but here are a few different options to get you started.

Get a Degree

If you've never seen a degree offered in party planning, it's most likely because there isn't one. There are several different degrees that you can get that will complement an event planning career as well as teach you what you need to know.

• Hospitality Degree: Any kind of job that is in a services-related genre is going to benefit from this degree. A bachelor's degree in hospitality can prepare you for dealing with customers, proper manners, and information that is specific to the different industries like restaurant, hotel, and event planning.

• Communications or Public Relations: The public is an entity that any business and services employee is going to have to deal with at some point or another, and having the skills to interact with them appropriately can make all the difference. A successful event planner is going to be a great communicator and listener. Getting one of these degrees can help you to gain both of these qualities into your skill set. It is not always going to happen when you take these classes, but you will have an opportunity to learn them in a great setting.

• Business: A business degree is a great idea if you are looking to open your own premiere event planning place. There are many different things you need to know as a business owner such as how to successfully run a business, ways to finance it, and even proper accounting and business practices. Getting a degree in business is not required to open your own business, but it certainly can help.

Another benefit of earning a bachelor's degree is that you have all of the other general education classes, as well as classes you can take that interest you. These help you to be more well rounded and have a larger knowledge base from which you can pull experience.


College is not for everyone, and it certainly is not required for learning to plan premiere events. There is a certification for event planning that you can get, but it is not required. In order to make your business more legitimate or make customers more likely to choose your company, you can call the Convention Industry Council and ask for more information on getting a study guide, and then an exam, to get your certification.


The most important thing that anyone can have in this business is experience. If you find an opportunity in the party planning business, you should go for it. Gain the experience that you can and try to work up in the company. Learning how to do these things from the ground up is actually very handy when it comes time to do your own planning because you understand the time and effort involved with all the details.

A great example of this would be if you got a job as a bus boy or waitress serving hors devours at parties. From this stand point, you learn all that is involved in the set up and take down of a party, as well as a glimpse behind the scenes. Once you start planning parties, you understand how many people need to be hired to have a well-functioning event and how much food is consumed for the average person. Another thing you learn, which is just as valuable, is to appreciate the people doing the work for you. Both of these things make you a better planner because you will be better to work with and better at your job.

It also helps to get your foot in the door by getting to know the local vendors. You need to have a great relationship with vendors if you are going to be successful, because you need a solid team behind you. Clients are going to want so many different things that it is best to really diversify your contacts as well so that you have several options to choose from when you need a caterer, bartender, party supplies, and more.

If planning premiere event parties is your niche in life, you should do it! Everyone should be doing what they love, and if you really are good at it, all you need is the right opportunities to come into your life. Decide the road you feel is best for you and fulfill your dream of becoming a premiere event planner.


Peter Gibbons works with a premiere event wedding service.

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