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Home » Entertainment » Movies » Hindi Film News : Sanjay Dutt's Life Is Full Of Miseries ! Hello Andhra

Article written by andhranews

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Hindi Film News : Sanjay Dutt's Life Is Full Of Miseries ! Hello Andhra

Submitted by andhranews
Sat, 23 Mar 2013

Mumbai Hindi Film News : Bollywood hero Sanjay Dutt was heavily depressed with the serious reciprocation of Supreme Court over the 1993 serial blasts. He did not come out of his house for the entire day yesterday and rather watched the entire proceedings at house in TV. Supreme has sentenced Sanjay Dutt with 5 yrs jail, which was shocking news for him.

Sanjay Dutt has today been sentenced to three years in jail, a culmination of a 20-year-old probe into his alleged role in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts case. Thankfully, the court has now ruled that he did not have terrorist links and only kept banned firearms at home. But what strikes me are the tragic situations that have kept cropping up in his life...he really seems to have got more than his share of trouble.

Sanjay Dutt was shocked with the present judgement and went into depression. After the judgement was out Sanjay said 'I had already gone through 20yrs of troubles and 18mths of jail. I should get more strong if Iam to be further troubled. But my heart is broken as this has to be taken up even by my three children and wife.'

Just as everyone heaved a sigh of relief, that now Sanju's life is on track, with him doing a spate of movies as well, the Supreme Court order sentencing him to three years in prison will create a sense of deja vu (it has happened to me before) for him. It will be another tough bridge to cross, and three years behind the bars in a remote jail, separated from his family, especially his son and daughter. But if we know Sanju, he will think this will be all, and I am ready for it.

He will come out of it stronger than ever as he knows he would have laid the 20-year ghost of terrorism to rest, once and for all. Bollywood was depressed with the judgement on Sanjaydutt. Producers were into dilemma thinking whether he would complete the agreed films. But Sanjay is saying to complete the films. He is saying to have great belief in the judiciary and said to have even in future. On the whole, all these troubles he is facing have only one reason and that is none other than Sanjay Dutt.

Incidents in order linked to Sanjay Dutt in Mumbai blasts epsode:

* Mumbai city had experienced 13 serial blasts on 1993 March 12th. 257 died and 713 were injured in the blasts.

* Sanjay Dutt who was the 117th acused in this case was arrested on April 19th.

* Sanjay's crime agreement was recorded on April 26. 2nd part of the confession was recorded after 48 hours on 28th April.

* Sanjay was sent to judicial custody on May 3rd.

* A petition was filed in High court on May 5th and was released on interim bail till a chargesheet was filed in the Tada Court.

* Sanjay was arrested on November 4th as a charge sheet was filed.

* Sanjay dutt was granted a bail on 19th June 1994.

* Supreme rejected Dutt's bail on 19th June 1994.

* Bail was again rejected by Supreme Court on September 23rd.

* Supreme Court has given an interim bail on 1995 October 16th.

* Tada Court confirmed Dutt as a culprit under arms act on 2006 November 26th.

* There were blames on Sanjay dutt to be illegally holding an AK-56 and 9MM pistol which came in the consignment of weapons and Bombs used for Mumbai blasts.

* Tada Court gave the sentence of Six years jail in 2007 July 31st.

* Sanjay Dutt challenged his punishment in 2007 August.

* Supreme Court granted a regular bail in 2007 November

* Supreme Court took up the appeal filed by Dutt on 2011 November 1st for enquiry.

* Supreme Court put the decision in reserve on 2012 August 29th.

* Supreme Court gave the judgement bringing down Sanjay Dutt's punishment to Five years jail on 2013 March 21st.

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