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Home » Entertainment » How to Make your June Wedding a Premiere Event

Article written by cliffside

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How to Make your June Wedding a Premiere Event

Submitted by cliffside
Tue, 17 Jun 2014

Taking a wedding from just average to premiere is all about the details. There are many different aspects of a wedding where a bit of extraordinary can be inserted to improve the overall appearance and feel of the event. Here are several different ways you can bump your June wedding to being a more premiere event.

Venue and Decor

Plenty of venues are already decorated for a wedding, where you can come in and just set up a few personalized things and add some table settings. This is all fine and good for a run of the mill wedding, but if you are looking to put your own stamp on the event, add more of you into it.

Start out by booking your event at an outdoor location and set up tents. This is a fun touch to a wedding where you can hang your own ideal, romantic type of lighting. The nights are the most light in June, which has the longest day of the year. Lighting is a great way to make something special. Rather than just putting lamps around, do strung bulbs around the tent perimeter with a lot of low key lighting in the middle. Too much light is a turn off, but guests need to be able to see each other. Try dimming it to be just in the middle of those two extremes.

Start off with a bang and have a fun entrance to your wedding. Display a quilt or something personal that will be used in your future home. This party is to celebrate the creation of a new family, so make it feel homey. There are many different types of guest signatures and sign ins that are more fun and unique than just having a regular old sign-in page. Try making thumb prints of guests into tree leaves, sign a quilt, or even around a picture mat that you can display prominently in your home.


The food is one of the biggest costs for many weddings. The best thing about getting married in June though is that a lot of fruit is in season and usually sold at reasonable prices. This can all add up to be a very fresh and fun menu.

Do more with what you can afford too. Rather than just giving a guest a simple piece of cake, try having an assortment of flavors or an arrangement of ice cream toppings to top off cookies served alamode. A premiere event is also going to have the very best of everything, but you can fake high class with some simple revisions. Take alcohol for example. If you were to buy inexpensive beer and wine, you could make your own labels for it and no one would ever know.

Invitations and Favors

The invitation is an indication of how the event will be. If you are sending out a cheap invite that has nothing special about it, that says the event will be mediocre, nothing special about it. There are little touches you can make to the invitation that will make it more premiere. Using a nice, sturdy paper is great. You could also just add one basic picture that is unattached from the invitation rather than the run-of-the-mill standard with pictures around the edge. Make your printing embossed rather than just printed. There are lots of different ways you can make your invitations more premiere than a standard invite.

The party favors are a great way to make your event extra special for your guests. While not everyone can afford to give each guest a television like a certain celebrity recently did, you can still make them glad they came to celebrate the day with you. For kids, they always love a good candy table where they can fill up a goody bag as they leave. For adults, you can always give them something like a package of truffles or a nice wine glass with a thank-you-for-coming card.

Think Small

While many people think that premiere event means big, flashy, and over the top, it really just translates into paying more attention to the little details of the wedding. Make your big event a day to remember for you and your future spouse as you begin your new life together.


Cliff Sanders is wedding planner. He can set up any premiere event you can dream of.

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