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Home » Entertainment » Best Cities to Host Your Premiere Event

Article written by cliffside

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Best Cities to Host Your Premiere Event

Submitted by cliffside
Tue, 17 Jun 2014

There are a lot of fun places that you can hold a premiere event. When you can go anywhere for your event, you should pick a city that is fun and exciting. There are plenty of cities all across the country that you can choose, but which one is right for your event?

New York

The city that never sleeps is a great place to hold an event because there are so many different options here. Unlike the other big cities, New York is a melting pot itself, which has a lot more cultural diversity which lends itself to more options when it comes to catering or decor. If you are looking for a city that is going to set the bar high and have an air of sophistication, this is the right place for your premiere event. There are more than enough options around this city for you to choose a venue regardless of the size of your party.

Another reason that you might pick New York is because it is easily accessible. With two big airports located here along with plenty of public transportation and roadways leading in, your guests can come from practically anywhere in the world. Plus, with so many great options for getting around town, you will have an easier time finding rides for all of your guests.

Los Angeles

On the West Coast, Los Angeles is one of the bigger cities that has a lot of high notes to it. There are still plenty of options as far as cultures go to give you a lot of choices and venues for large crowds. If you are looking for a fancier location to hold your event or a high end restaurant or caterer, you will have plenty of amazing options that will wow your guests and truly make your event premiere.

The biggest highlight that Los Angeles is the weather. The chances of suffering from bad weather even during the winter time are very small in Los Angeles as opposed to other big cities. The proximity it has to the ocean is another advantage because you can find venues that overlook the ocean or have the great ocean breeze coming through the event.

For guests, Los Angeles has plenty of other attractions as well like amusement parks, Hollywood, and other attractions. It can be a fun place to visit so guests can really look forward to coming to the event. Being so close to where movies are made, you can find plenty of locations that are used to having premiere events.


If you are looking for a really warm place that also has a fun reputation, Miami is a great place to go. If you are trying to hold an event in the winter time, this will offer you a very accessible location. This location is a different kind of melting pot for Latin cultures which gives it a very unique feeling.

Miami is known for its warm beaches and mostly mild weather which gives you more options for party and event ideas. If you are looking to have a more unique premiere event, Miami is a great option because of its versatility. Having an event outdoors is going to be easier with fun ideas like having your event on the beach or a yacht.

Park City

While most of these cities are located near a coast, there is an alternative city that is always a great idea for a premiere event. Park City, Utah is home to the Sundance Film Festival as well as some of the greatest skiing on Earth. The entire state offers some outdoor sports that are unique to a mountainous region. No matter what time of year you decide to host an event here, you are going to get high class treatment with plenty of entertainment.

Some of the more unique things that this city offers is the ability to hold your event in an Olympic venue. If not, you can offer your guests some great ways to pass the time too with tours of these facilities and even participating in some of the sports. With so many resorts and high end businesses, you can rest assured that you will have everything you need for your premiere event.

Look Around

If you are looking to host your event in a great city, you should look around on the internet to make sure that the city fits your event. There are different aspects to each city that will either compliment or detract from your event.


Carl Jones is a premiere event coordinator. He enjoys travelling the world with his wife.

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