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Home » Business » Marketing » Learn How To Look For Good MLM Leads

Article written by greecdsouza

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Learn How To Look For Good MLM Leads

Submitted by greecdsouza
Thu, 4 Jul 2013

Leads for any multilevel marketing business can be hard to come by once you've exhausted personal connections. Using contacts like friends and family can only sustain you for so long. In the end, you either have to make new contacts or take the services of a professional lead generation company. We'll the focusing on the latter and show you how to sift responsive leads from the bad.

• Age of the lead. This is the most crucial aspect of find responsive leads because contacts expire every other week and even every other day. If you get a list of 50 contacts out which only 30 are active, it doesn't mean that those 30 will be responsive. 10 or 15 of them may agree to join your downline or act as customers. Considering you would have paid for 50 leads, the percentage of responsiveness is low.

Companies that keep leads fresh have more expensive services but the returns guaranteed to you are higher. So always ditch old leads in favor of fewer but newer ones.

• Exclusivity. Leads sold to you are not exclusive unless you specify you want unique contacts. Exclusivity means willingness to spend more money but the returns can dwarf the cost provided leads are responsive.

Exclusive leads, even if only a few are purchased, guarantee more responses because 'general' contacts may have already been marketed to. When you purchase exclusive leads, you're assured that only you have access to their details.

• Response rate. This refers to how many leads are likely to show interest in being part of your downline. Experienced MLM businesspeople learn how to generate response and this is something that beginners can have a tough time with initially. Still, it's possible to get responses through properly chosen leads which is where age and exclusivity play a part.

• Lead quality. Some leads don't come along with many contact details. They may have only phone numbers or email addresses in which case the chance of getting through to them is slim. The leads you purchase should ideally have phone numbers and email addresses as well as a short questionnaire for prospects to answer. This creates a filter to save you time and allows potentials to stand out.

• Additional features. Features like presentations or presentation formats, booklets on how to get lead response and software like autoresponders are offered by lead companies. You'll have to pay more but beginners can rest easy knowing that there's a guide to help. These features are not necessities, however, and much depends on your marketing skill.

Which company to buy from is a question asked by many marketers. Rather than brand, check reputation and the number of years it's been in the business. Fellow network marketers can help you out but check internet forums for genuine feedback as well.

In multilevel marketing, the best leads are in the warm market. This means people you have a personal relationship with. But once friends, family and acquaintances have been exhausted, the cold market is the only avenue. This is daunting especially for beginners as strangers may not be receptive to your offer.

What has to be done, then, is to move prospects in the cold market into the warm market. Creating relationships builds bonds and the more people who know you and trust you, the better the chance of having them come onboard. Step out of your comfort zone, make the effort to be people-friendly and make creating relationships a priority.


Before you spend any more or your hard earned money on buying multi level marketing leads, do yourself and your downline a favor by learning how to get mlm leads on your own. Refer this link for additional details.

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