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Home » Business » A Steel Shop Inspection you'll never forget

Article written by cliffside

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A Steel Shop Inspection you'll never forget

Submitted by cliffside
Thu, 19 Jun 2014

The structural steel struck a chord in the gopher's walnut brain and he was taken away to a place far away where steel shop inspections were a daily pleasure. He had never seen a steel inspection before his forty-seventh day in life and he was ever so curious. He had been told it was a dangerous place to be and that the tired workers may one day stomp the life out of him without realizing he had ever been there.
This thought did little to ease his curiosity and on this day he crept into the town's steel shop inspection with his lollipop in hand. If he was going to die it would be with the knowledge of steel and the taste of a root beer flavored lollipop on his lips. His first glimpse of this world was fresh and exciting. The workers rugged bodies rhythmically moved to the pounding of their steel. The metallic stench of sweat filled the gopher's nose and felt the urge to climb to the top of the highest steel structure to take in his first steel inspection.
His little paws gripped the largest beam and he scampered his way up there to the top of the building. He wondered why he had waited so long to do this as his furry body quivered in anticipation. He had heard tales of a queen bee that watched over her structural steel workers before inspection time came along. The gopher loved the idea of a powerful queen and he could not wait to lay eyes upon her.
He heard murmuring among the workers and sharply looked out toward the far end of the steel shop building. The queen bee made her presence known without uttering a word. As quickly as the murmuring began a hushed silence filled the air with unease and the workers began to pound their structural steel with true vigor. The gopher's mouth widened slightly and his lollipop threatened to fall to the ground.
She was magnificent and horrifying at the same time. He was tempted to climb down off his perch to get a closer look but didn't dare make a move while a steel shop inspection was taking place. She looked as though she had been carved out of wood and hardened through her constant exposure to structural steel.
The gopher sat there for days and watched the entire process unfold before his eyes. He witnessed the men struggling to please the queen's demand for structural steel and how she took a vicious turn and disposed of their sausages in the most vindictive manner. He did not envy the workers but did envy their close proximity to the queen bee. On the day of the structural steel inspection he had gnawed down his lollipop to nothing more than a plastic nub and he felt the worker's apprehension.
The queen bee carried herself through the rows of structural steel with a slow grace as she scrutinized the men's performance. The gopher could not tell if their work pleased her and he was impatient to see the final step in the process carried out. He did know that this steel shop inspection would not be his last. He was filled with a heady glee as he thought of the structural steel inspection to come and he did not want to miss a single one. When the queen was finished at last the gopher slowly climbed down the structural steel beam and went out to refill his snacks for the next show. He believed he would bring a tootsie pop for the next one.


Cliff Sanders has found a passion for sharing his knowledge on any premiere event.

Creative Commons License


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